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   I swear. I will post something tonight.

  I'll try and post something every week hopefully instead of like, every month or so uvu

(( haha every time I say i'll post something I never do ))

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, then create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 new people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged them.
5. No tag backs.
6. No stuff about "Oh, you're tagged if your reading this," it's a waste of time to me. Just go ahead and surprize 10 and only 10 people.

1. o 7 o what type of 'group are you in? (ex: scene,Emo,Prep, Hipster, Punk,nerd? idk)
○ I'm a mixture of scene & Prep... I think? I dress/ have my hair scene, but I don't act like one AT ALL. I really like to wear girly makeup and dresses and all that cute stuff <33

2.  Would you eat a cactus for me~? <3
○ Anytime Anywhere =~

3. Bra size!? c: //shot
○D something... I dunno, I outgrew my last bra D:

4. Do you read homestuck? o 7 o if you do then whos your favorite troll? (Mines nepeta <3)
○ Gurl. HAVE YOU SEEN MY TUMBLR. HOMESTUCK. HOMESTUCK EVERYWHERE. Haha, but my favorites (( I can't choose )) are Nepeta & Feferi!!!! I also have a little special place in my heart for Gamzee

5. Do you have hiccups? >:C
○ I did earlier today. It sucked balls.
6. Would you rather die in your sleep or die with the one you love?
○ Die with the one I love~ I actually have this fear of dying in my sleep D:

7. Unicorns or Narwhales?
○ Narwhals!!!!!

8. Favorite oc if you have some? c:
○ My adorabu lesbian Monochrome & Cascadia~ (( Which I still need to upload, already have them on my Tumblr though ))

9. Monsters or rockstars? c -energy drink-
○ As much as I LOVE Monsters... I have to choose Rockstars since they have more of a variety~

10. What would you do if i kissed you? o 3 o?~
○ I think it's time... FOR A SEXY PARTY!!!!!!!!!

Oops, not tagging anyone 'cause i'm lazy <33
As much as I hate to say it, I'm starting to enjoy my stay at Tumblr more than DA.

  If you want to see me more active, then I suggest following my Tumblr account!!!
I post AT LEAST once a day there ( not counting Re-blogs), and have art their I haven't posted on here ^^

  My Tumblr ::

  It will, once again, be awhile before I become active on DA :/ ... I guess you can take this message as a very very very very VERY small hiatus from DA? I dunno...

I just gotta say something.
Don't believe anything I say in my journal when it comes to saying I'll post something.

I was going to post something.
Then I randomly switched styles and improved a little on anatomy.
So I was like "lolnope not posting this"

Remember kids. Don't just draw anime manga kawaii desu shit like I've been trying to do to improve.
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS AWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS make sure you're practicing realism when you can. It will help you so freaking much words cannot even describe how much it helps.

You know all those 'famous' anime artists you see on DA? ( Ocean-chan, BunnyTheAssassin, etc )
They draw realism to improve, whether they post it in their gallery or not is a matter of choice.

That colleges will laugh at your portfolio if all your drawings are in ' sparkle kawaii nyaa anime ' style.
I know this because my cousin is a big manga/anime artist ( she currently has a job working as an illustrator ). And oooooooh man did she just lecture me about my portfolio when I go into college ( even though I'm just starting highschool in the fall ). She told me, " Remember, just don't be that one kid who draws nothing but anime and hopes that they'll improve. I hate to be blunt, but you WILL NOT improve that way. People will laugh at you, your classmates will laugh at you, and your teachers may not take you as seriously. Trust me, I know people from school that do that... Let's just say they're not the best... "

And ATM I've been following all the advice she's given me, and holy shit like what the actual fuck I've been improving ( and I'm slow when it comes to improving on things ).

So remember, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just take these tips that I've learned and have truly helped me

○ Draw Realism when you can, it really helps
○ Take critique positively, it's not meant to hurt you but to help you
○ Take some time out of your week to focus on certain thing you've been struggling with ( EX. Hands, coloring, eyes, etc.. )
○ Always experiment with new things!!!
○ HAVE FUN!!!!! It's not always work work work, make sure what you're doing is what you enjoy c:

I hate saying this to people but...
You're really not going to improve if you draw anime 24/7
I mean, you will improve eventually, but it won't be the best that you could do.
Take that advice from me, my cousin, othe DA artists, etc...

I know I have A LOT to improve on, and so do other people. The more you practice, the faster you improve!!!

( Lol sorry I just really needed to get this out of my system since I've been seeing people on Tumblr complaining about how they shouldn't draw realism when they're trying to improve their anime art )

I feel so bad for not being on DA...

I guess I've kinda ditched it for Tumblr, and also I've kinda been off trying to find my own style and what not.

It makes me feel terrible that I've been gone...

But I'm extremely active on my Tumblr if you wanna check it out c:

Can I just say I love all my watchers, like no, seriously.
I wanna get to know some of you better, but I'm just so shy SO YOU SHOULD MAKE THE FIRST MOVE AND TALK TO ME

---Pfffft Update on my life if anyone wants to know---

- During my absence I've finally found my own art style I can finally start working on! This weekend I'll be working on anatomy stuff, and hopefully next week I can give you guys some art.


- Saw a dead possum at my bus stop. I took 3 pictures and some kids were poking it c:

- I'm really excited to start my freshman year at high school this fall eue ... A lot of my friends are like " HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK OH MY GAWD I'M GONNA DIE ", and i'm just like " ... new friends c: ".

Lol opening up commissions

-- Choose from these styles:

-- You MUST pay me first before I start working on your Comm.

-- These prices count for 1 Character, more characters cost an extra 5 points each

-- Black & White versions (Non-colored) are 5 points off

-- I will not draw Porn. Nope. I will not. ( Anything else is basically fine )

-- When asking for a commission, please fill it out like this::

Reference to character::
Anything in particular you want in your commission?::


1:: Neoma
3:: Style 3
4:: Could you draw with a burrito in her hand?
4:: Anything is fine, just do what you do



oh my gawd

Dave let me love you

And let me love your cape.
It's the first week of our new semester at my school, and everyone got their classes ( Mainly Electives & Health/Soc. Studies ) changed c:

And I got Art as my elective!!!
I really wanted Creative writing, but Art was my second choice
It's nothing special, just basic things like clay, wire stuff, Paint, colors, Etc...
It's a lot of fun though c:

Please help me improve oh so magical class

Decided to put my Youtube account into use

In like,
a month

But Eeyup,
In a month I'll start putting up Speed Paint videos and other crap

Who knows, it might actually help me improve!

I'm a Loser that Has to Spread Her joy on every Single account She has

But I got A Bamboo Create Today for X-Mas!!!!!!!…

Words cannot Describe how Thankful I am!

All I Wanted Was The Bamboo Connect ( 79$ )…

But Nope,
My Step Daddy Got Me The Create!!!!

I feel kinda bad though...
Since The Create Was 199$
And I already Got a 3DS ( Which Is 169$ )

I just feel spoiled asdfj;ghkl


It's My Birthday Today c:
I'm Officially 14!!!

Nothing Special happened Today, But I Enjoyed It!!!
- Slept Till 10
- Ate Potatoes For Breakfast
- Was Able To Open One Present Early And Got A Manicure Set
- Still Has Presents To Open, But Has To Wait After Dinner ;u;
- Got A Computer In My Room


Time To Get On My Point

I'm Hoping I'll Get A Tablet For My Birthday
I Mean
My Presents Are Just A Couple Feet Away From Me And I Can See That One Of them Might Be the Size Of A Tablet Box

But I Dunno

I Just

Want A Tablet

And If I Don't Get It Today, I Might Get It On X-Mas


So, Um, I'm Cece.
I Say Beep Beep Meow.

I Like To Draw.

I'm 13.

I Love Socks & Monsters


Calm Yo Tits, I'll Upload Crap.